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On the treadmill

Treadmill Stress Testing

Treadmill or "Stress" tests are ordered by your doctor to investigate symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain and to investigate heart rhythm issues or guide medication dosing.

Treadmill tests are also required for pilot licensing and other professions.

What to expect

Treadmill testing is performed under the supervision of a licensed Cardiac Technologist who will monitor your blood pressure, heart rhythms and possibly oxygen levels during the test.

Treadmill tests start slowly and gradually increases in speed and incline every 3 minutes. You will continue on the treadmill until you ask to stop or the Technologist decides the test is completed.


Treadmill testing requires a doctor's referral and can be booked by appointment only.


Appointments are available by calling (250)762-9211:

Mon - Friday: 8am to 4pm

Private treadmill testing for pilot licensure is $500

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